Germany recommends (March edition)

The Bletchley Circle This series follows the lives of a group of middle-aged women who worked in Bletchley Park during World War 2. After the war ends, they must continue with their normal lives, no longer decoding messages from the German’s famous ‘Enigma’. The show highlights their positions and everything which was taken away from these women as the war ended. When one of these women comes forward to the police, having found a pattern linking a series of grisly murders, she is dismissed. Time and time again the women in this show are dismissed and it can be agreed upon that this accurately demonstrates women’s position in English society at the time. Disregarding the series’ relevance to gender issues, I would recommend it just for being compelling.   Have you heard of the play “How to date a feminist” by Samantha Ellis?  Have a look at: At the moment it is being played at Karlsruhe, Badisches